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The 2015 lacca wardrobe national regional conference is now drawing to a close. This conference has resounded through most of China and played a major role in the reform and innovation of lacca. Please look forward to the subsequent Jiangxi station conference

the pace of summer is getting closer and closer. The horn of the Regional Conference on the promotion of "subverting the store operation mode" of lacca wardrobe in 2015 has been ringing throughout most of China

reform and innovation generate new opportunities, and seize them to develop rapidly. Did you act today? In 2015, the national labor card is already in action. After Hubei, Anhui and Yunnan Guizhou stations, the regional conference will come to Hunan Station, Xinjiang, Gansu station, Liaoning, Jining, Heilongjiang station, and then Jiangxi station. Please look forward to it. When the "upgrade mode" of overturning store operation is in progress, the "ten million" store mode of Laoka is on the way

Regional Conference Hunan Station

Regional Conference Liaoning, Jining and Heilongjiang stations

Regional Conference Gansu and Xinjiang stations

labor card wardrobe has achieved good development with the business philosophy of "creating value, adhering to win-win results and returning customers". At present, Canadian Alliance merchants all over the country have joined the labor card wealth creation army, forming a huge sales network nationwide. It has laid a solid foundation for the later generations to create wealth





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