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Everything recovers. Hangzhou, where winter goes and spring comes, is intoxicating. This is a season of hard nutrition and rapid growth. Rudeshui business school welcomed 29 students of the seventh shopping guide elite class

everything recovers, the willows are green and the flowers are red, the birds sing and the swallows dance, and Hangzhou, where winter goes and spring comes, is intoxicating. This is a season of hard nutrition and rapid growth. The headquarters Business School welcomes 29 students of the seventh shopping guide elite class who are also eager for progress and growth

the power of knowledge brought them together

some of the students were clerks and some were dealers from six new stores, including Suizhong in Liaoning, Loudi in Hunan, Longhai in Fujian, Lvsi in Jiangsu, Xuanwei in Yunnan and Jining in Shandong. In order to learn professional knowledge, master skilled practical skills, and complete the transformation from Xiaobai to a professional designer, this growing belief brings them together from the whole country

basic calculation training study

this shopping guide elite class lasts for 18 days. The first part is the basic calculation stage, mainly for the training of basic professional knowledge such as scale reduction, calculation, computer recording, etc

Xue Fen from Lvsi specialty store and Wu Aihui from Suizhong specialty store are older students. They originally thought that computing learning would be a big challenge for them, but they paid more efforts than others, no less than young students

practical skills intensive training

the practical stage mainly focuses on the training of fabric pattern, home decoration style, color matching, suit technology + good product witness cabinet, measuring ruler, sales process and wall cloth knowledge

the team leader of each group and the person in charge of each specialty store, while ensuring their own learning, take the initiative to take time to coach the students in their own group and team. A group of people, a picture, a war, a heart. During these 18 days of study, we felt the atmosphere of students' initiative and unity

struggling to move myself

the 18 day intensive learning is undoubtedly a challenge to the students who have not been exposed to curtain knowledge, a challenge to the team and a challenge to themselves. Students need to devote themselves to learning and tap their unlimited potential. Working hard to be helpless and struggling to move yourself, not only to achieve the goals of the team, but also to strengthen yourself and prove yourself

issue the completion certificate

after passing the classroom test, graduation defense and other tests, the students finally got the completion certificate smoothly. Work hard, gain hard, and pay back. This is the best proof of their efforts in these 18 days

(several students failed to take pictures due to their early return)

student style

when introducing themselves on the first day, many students said they were white and didn't understand anything. After 18 days of study, I became a professional and confident designer, and the growth of students is also obvious to all teachers! A high degree of cooperation and tacit understanding has also been established among team members

post graduation Q & a class

after the final graduation defense, we also invited manager Gong Xiangzhao, head of the fourth Sales Department, to answer some questions the students will encounter after returning to the store, which also increased the confidence of the students

follow the brand concept - fashion, comfort, taste, and bring customers better service, like a fish in water, on the road




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