Insiders teach you to identify true and false PRR

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Insiders teach you to identify true and false PRR tubes

>& gt;& gt; How to select and install PPR water pipes

random copolymer polypropylene (PP-R) pipes and fittings has become an application in cold and hot water transmission, drinking water transmission and heating systems in buildings “ Hot spots ”; The production of qualified PP-R pipes must have strict requirements for raw materials and extrusion equipment. There are three kinds of PP special raw materials that can produce cold and hot water pipes:

1) homopolymer PP is made by adding a certain amount of toughening additives and blending and granulating. This raw material is called pp-h

2) block copolymerization of PP and PE is used, which is called pp-b

3) with advanced gas-phase copolymerization process, PE is polymerized randomly and uniformly in the molecular chain of PP. this raw material is called pp-r. The screw barrel of the extruder used to produce PP-R plastic pipes should use advanced computer models to accurately calculate and determine the pressure distribution and melting rate of each section, so that it has good low-temperature plasticizing ability. Ordinary single screw extruders cannot be used to produce PP-R pipes





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