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As long as you can stand the baptism of years, you can bear the praise of the world.

"what can stand the precipitation of time most is ingenuity,

what can stand the baptism of years most is craftsman."

it's not easy to become an excellent craftsman

the first thing is to have outstanding professional quality

the most important thing is to have the spirit of excellence and patience.

{what is ingenuity}

Zhang Hu in the Tang Dynasty said:

"essence is at the end of the pen, and it's difficult to be ingenuity at close range."

this is probably the earliest record of the word "ingenuity" in Chinese

in the handicraft era a long time ago,

craftsman as a suffix

mostly represents a certain kind of professional attribute

such as carpenter, shoemaker Blacksmith

and in the contemporary

run over by the assembly line in the industrial age, "ingenuity" has been refined and given more connotation

it represents the inheritance of traditional handicrafts

and a Every detail

has the ingenuity spirit of exquisite work

Li Zongsheng said in "to ingenuity":

"the world is noisy, and the craftsman's heart,

must absolutely be quiet and stable.

in the face of the materials given by nature,

I have to make it first,

it can make me."

he believes that,

the soul of craftsman is

"ingenuity spirit"

that is a kind of respectful temperament

once the documentary "I repair cultural relics in the Forbidden City"

became popular on the Internet

tells the story of a group of "seemingly ordinary, unique" authors of the restoration of cultural relics in the Forbidden City

the popularity of this documentary

quickly aroused the discussion of ingenuity among Chinese people

film about "craftsman" in Description:

they only focus on doing one thing in their life

repeatedly polish their fine handicrafts in solitude

until they meet the ultimate perfect work

usually, these people have a neurotic pursuit of their skills

thirty years are like a day

heroic and consistent

just because of the unremitting pursuit of perfection, thirty years are like a day, the heroic wooden door is constantly rising year after year, Carry on the continuous practice of life, and achieve your taste of home space

focus on ingenuity

time makes classics

heroic wooden door

endows each work with sufficient detail connotation

every detail is carefully carved

all inherit the spirit of ingenuity for three decades

woodwork technology that precipitates time

whether it is the combination and arrangement of line structures

or complex Seiko carving

complex production process

pure green technology penetrates deeply into natural wood Texture

shows the beauty of the original ecology of wood grain

perfect interpretation of time

makes a classic

* time makes a classic *

/heroic wooden door/

30-year wood expert





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