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On June 10, Wuxi Municipal Market Supervision Bureau announced the situation of unqualified commodities in the offline sampling inspection in the circulation field in 2018

on June 10, Wuxi Municipal Market Supervision Bureau announced the situation of unqualified commodities in offline sampling inspection in the circulation field in 2018

in the field of plate products, many well-known brand products in the industry were unqualified, involving projects such as "formaldehyde emission". Among them, some unqualified brands have publicized their products as "formaldehyde free addition". In this regard, insiders said that "formaldehyde free addition" does not mean that the formaldehyde emission is zero. When purchasing wood products such as boards, floors and furniture, consumers should not be credulous of enterprise propaganda and require merchants to provide product testing reports before buying reassuring products

formaldehyde emission is one of the key indicators to measure the quality of wood-based panels

at present, the adhesives used in the production of wood-based panels in China are mostly urea formaldehyde resin adhesives with formaldehyde as the main raw material, but products made with this adhesive will continuously release formaldehyde. Using unqualified boards to make wooden floors, wooden doors, furniture, cabinets and other products will cause great harm to human health in an environment with excessive formaldehyde emission for a long time

the national standard GB 18580-2017 formaldehyde emission limits in wood-based panels and their products for interior decoration materials, which was implemented on May 1 last year, stipulates that the formaldehyde emission limit of wood-based panels is 0.124mg/m3, and the limit label is E1, and unifies the detection and test method of formaldehyde in wood-based panels and their products as "1m3 climate box method". The standard stipulates that after May 1st, 2018, the wood-based panels and their products sold in the domestic market must meet the standard requirements

zero tolerance, zero flexibility and zero spare land are the central standards for various environmental problems

this year, the environmental protection department's strict inspections have brought a painful blow to the plate market, but they have brought a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the sustainable development of the entire industry

in the tide of environmental protection, baidibao board has achieved green development

under the background of the increasingly obvious trend of environmental protection, baidibao health board has begun to transform towards green production. Realize the real green wood-based panel, including the production process and equipment of wood-based panel, as well as the quality management of enterprises and the design, materials and performance of end products, all of which meet the requirements of "green" and realize the green development of wood-based panel industry

baidibao, one of the top ten brands of Chinese sheet metal, and E0 grade sheet metal will lead the future

in recent years, overcapacity and unreasonable structure of low-end sheet metal have affected the sustainable development of China's sheet metal industry. In this dilemma, "green" is the high added value and new vitality given to the plate industry

formaldehyde exceeding the standard is a well-known problem. Unless all the houses are decorated with solid wood, the probability of formaldehyde exceeding the standard exceeds 90% in summer when the house is hot. For formaldehyde whose volatilization time will last for 3-15 years, the radical cure is to start from the source and choose E0 grade plate products

among the domestic wood-based panel brands, baidibao health panel brand, which has obtained China's famous trademark and China's environmental label products, is committed to providing consumers with more environmentally friendly products


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