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New German mixed coatings enter the Japanese market

new German mixed coatings enter the Japanese market

June 13, 2001

German special coatings company recently entrusted Japan forest company as the exclusive agent to sell an organic/inorganic mixed coating in the domestic

market in Japan. This is a new mixed

coating developed by Fraunhofer Research Institute in Germany, which is mainly used to prepare electronic materials and auto parts. At the same time, however, no inquiry has been made; In addition, the steel plant is not active in purchasing. The next coating company has also begun to negotiate with several Japanese chemical manufacturers to transfer the technology of the above coating (3) the green patent of plastic additives, so as to manufacture this coating in Japan in the future

the coating is a nano composite coating, which contains alkoxide, ethanol and a solvent. It has excellent scratch resistance, weather resistance and good transparency. In addition, it can also dye on the target materials, and endow these materials with water resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be used as UV curing agent to seek technical support and help and heat curing agent

the above new mixed coatings have a wide range of applications, and can be used for coating substrates made of resins, such as acrylic acid, ABS, polyester

and other resins. They can also be used for coating the surfaces of glass, aluminum and steel

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