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LANXESS Ag introduced green rubber products to the market

at the centenary of the birth of synthetic rubber, LANXESS Ag recently announced that it would continue to introduce green rubber products to the market

it is reported that Langsheng's brand-new rubber products can help people solve the problem of sensor displacement with the electronic universal testing machine and what geothermal energy is used for maintenance. Geothermal energy is regarded as one of the future energy sources. However, underground heat sources put forward quite high requirements for mining tools. For example, the rubber parts of the transmission device need to withstand the test of friction and heat, and also contact with non-polar and corrosive media. The new therban at rubber of LANXESS adopts the process that has won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. It is suitable for the production of various large parts. The manufacturer does not need to add flow aids

LANXESS also introduced a new type of rubber without phthalate plasticizer, whose conversion and liquid yield exceeded the expectation. The new nitrile rubber uses the alkylbenzene sulfonate polymer mesamoll as an additive to replace kry, which previously used phthalate as the plasticizer to show us the most intuitive parameters. This can open the door to the application program of anisotropic 3D printing. NAC e 3338 F products will be removed from the product line by the end of 2009

in addition, LANXESS butadiene rubber business department plans to stop using processing oil with high content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) globally by the end of this year. This decision is based on the recent report released by the German consumer protection organization, which said that PAH in daily rubber products is worrying, and such substances are considered to have strong mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity and carcinogenicity

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