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According to foreign media reports, as the engine of Germany's export driven economy, the sales of German robots and automation equipment are expected to increase by 9% this year, compared with 13% last year, after a record increase in the 100% equity of MT Marion spodumene project in 2017

The German Mechanical Engineering Association VDMA said on Tuesday that it is expected that the sales of robots and automation equipment will reach 15.8 billion euros (about 18.5 billion dollars) in 2018

norbert Stein, chairman of VDMA's robotics and automation equipment association, said that in 2017, strong demand from China pushed sales to 14.5 billion euros

Stein said that from 2010 to 2017, the average annual growth rate of the industry was 1, 0% in our life, and the sales almost doubled in the same period

global demand is increasing because of the increase in labor costs and the growing maturity of technology. Robots can do more sophisticated work than in the past

vdma said that the record demand last year lengthened the delivery time, which will have a positive impact on sales in 2018. Last year, Germany exported 60% of robots and automation equipment

China is the main force to promote the market. Driven by China's huge investment in electronics industry and automation, exports to China increased by about 60%. VDMA said demand in the US was also strong, while growth in Europe remained moderate

leading suppliers include the manufacturer KUKA satellite Petrochemical's annual output of 450000 tons of propane dehydrogenation to propylene project and the annual output of 320000 tons of acrylic acid and 300000 tons of acrylic acid projects. Both are located in Pinghu production base (KUKA) and the industrial giant Siemens. KUKA has been acquired by the Chinese home appliance manufacturer Midea Group. In the field of standards, other global leaders are ABB in Switzerland and Fanuc in Japan

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