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On December 27th, 2018, the annual summary meeting of LEUZE Electronics was held in Guilin, a tourist resort, At the conference, all employees of the company participated in and reviewed the efforts and achievements of the whole year

2018 is the 12th year that Leuze electronics entered the Chinese market. As a well-known sensor manufacturer with a history of more than 50 years, through continuous efforts, Leuze electronics has formed a professional sales and service expert team focusing on core industries such as logistics, automobile, packaging, machine tools, laboratory automation and so on, It has provided more than 6000 customers in China with sensor solutions, pendulum impactor precautions and pre-sales and after-sales services. In 2018, its sales performance continued to achieve double-digit growth and won high praise from customers and peers in the industry

at the conference, Mr. Zhang Yu, general manager of Leuze electronic China, led us to review the wonderful and unforgettable 2018, and thanked our partners and customers for their support and trust, as well as the hard work of all employees in this year. Mr. Zhang Yu shared that this year we have welcomed the relocation of Shenzhen headquarters and Shanghai Branch. Various humanized designs are designed to attract and retain talents. The office is also equipped with a first-class technical training center to share industry knowledge and experience with customers. The improvement of the office environment also represents our confidence in the development of the Chinese market. This year, we also brought a full range of sensor solutions in many fields, i.e. technological innovation ability, to make a wonderful appearance in IAS Industrial Expo, CeMAT logistics exhibition, ahte industrial assembly and transmission technology exhibition and CMEF medical device exhibition. In July, we also held a workshop on safety certification services for manufacturing equipment in the automotive industry. What is mechanical relaxation? At the stress relaxation meeting and the packaging industry promotion meeting, our industry managers shared the professional knowledge and solutions full of dry goods at the meeting, analyzed the challenges faced by customers at present, and helped customers better deal with various practical problems

adhere to the people-oriented and customer-oriented corporate culture, and create the sensor expert around you. The core of the corporate culture of Leuze electronic is the sensor people. It fully trusts and authorizes employees, encourages employees to work with a master's mind, and gives full play to their talents and interests, so as to provide meaningful solutions for customers. Mobile phones made of other kinds of metal materials are more diverse. Lloyd E-test electronics hopes to establish a strategic alliance with customers, get closer and go further, and create the future of China's intelligent manufacturing. People are the key to the success of L & E in China

looking forward to 2019, the demand for industrial sensors will continue to maintain the growth trend, and the industrial automation manufacturing scene will accelerate to scale with the technologies such as artificial intelligence, IOT, cloud computing, etc. Leuze electronic will continue to grasp the trend of technological innovation and business transformation, and pay attention to the practical challenges encountered by the customers in the process of industrial 4.0 transformation in the most advanced aero-engine, Help customers solve problems

with more than 50 years of rich experience, leometec has become an expert in providing innovative and efficient sensor solutions for industrial automation. The application fields include logistics, packaging, machine tools, automobiles, laboratory automation and other industries. It has a rich product line, mainly including switching value sensor, measurement sensor, automatic recognition system, image recognition and processing system, data transmission/control module and safety protection sensor

established in Germany in 1963, Lloyd's electronic has 5 production bases, 18 own subsidiaries and 42 sales partners in the world. With its extensive sales and service network, professional technical consultation and reliable customer service, Lloyd's electronic has realized its brand commitment to customers: smart sensor business Smart means easy to use, sharing experiences, being close to customers and creating the future

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