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The new application software in Germany uses the iPhone to remotely control the car

26. An application software called idriver converts the traditional material development method of the IP into a real-world game controller, which can remotely drive a two ton minivan. Isoplast is another tpu

it is reported that the user can complete all driving actions of the car on the iPhone, including acceleration, braking and controlling the direction, and the control method is quite humanized. The right thumb can directly touch the icons of throttle and braking on the screen, while the left thumb can press and hold the icon of the steering wheel on the screen and swing the iPhone left and right to remotely control the left and right rotation of the car steering wheel. All instructions are transmitted to vehicles with special equipment through infinite high pellethane thermoplastic polyurethane, which is an ideal material for manufacturing a variety of medical equipment. At the same time, the camera on the roof sends the real-time driving status of the vehicle to the "driver"

in the test phase, the test car galloped on an abandoned runway at Berlin Tempelhof Airport, and all the orders came from a researcher standing at a distance and holding an iPhone. It can be seen from the TV video that the car can easily complete all kinds of emergency turns. The close-up shows that when the controller swings left and right, the steering wheel in the car will also rotate

idriver is considered to be the first car remote control for iPhone. It was developed by the artificial intelligence team of the Free University of Berlin and manufactured by appion company, which specializes in software research. It has not yet entered the market. Previously, people had long been committed to creating driverless "automatic vehicles" and made some technological breakthroughs. Sichuan Chengdu

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