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User solution instance of FieldPoint distributed i/o

FieldPoint is an ideal solution for distributed/remote data collection for monitoring environmental parameters, process or mechanical fault detection. Using rs-232/rs-485 serial interface or Ethernet communication, if the carton design and manufacture do not meet the requirements, you can economically connect your measurement to PC to complete data storage, processing and analysis. The key performances of FieldPoint for data acquisition and monitoring include:

built-in signal conditioning

directly connected to the sensor, Such as thermocouple and RTD

accurate and reliable 16 bit analog input

independent i/o modules that can be mixed and matched

can be used in harsh environments

[i "We chose Ni's FieldPoint because of its excellent performance and high integration. While using Ni's data acquisition board, we also use LabVIEW as our company's software standard. We are sure that when testing the compressive strength of cartons, we must pay attention to setting the preload value (generally 220n) according to the provisions of the test standard before testing. Ni's FieldPoint continues to develop high-quality distributed i/o products."

——Steve Axelrod, Ph.D,Director of Engineering, Honeywell-Measurex [/i

PC based control

the unique flexibility and economy of PC based system make more and more control applications turn to it. FieldPoint provides the following systems with the required flexible and reliable i/o functions:

a variety of analog and discrete i/o

built-in diagnosis, watchdog timer

prompt an output status when power on and fault

industrial and independent i/o

applied to control software (including OPC) The integrated driver

industrial product test and validation

fieldpoint can also meet the requirements of industrialized and robust i/o provided in product test and validation. By combining the FieldPoint network function with its flexible i/o operation, you can revisit and configure the FieldPoint measurement node in your product test plant or laboratory. FieldPoint has outstanding performance in the following applications:

accurate and reliable analog measurement

built-in signal conditioning and separation

perfect combination of measurement and control

economical networking scheme, Including Ethernet


"because we can obtain additional hardware and software support from Ni at the same time, we choose Ni's FieldPoint and lookout products to complete our system. Quality control and safety are the focus of our concern, and fieldpoint/lookout's combined normal production process is the perfect choice."

——James Brewster,Technical Development Manager, Superior MicoPowders [/i

distributed control

fieldpoint's foundation fieldbus well meets the system requirements of real-time and distributed control, and truly realizes the distributed control system. In order to achieve the ideal process control application, FieldPoint with foundation f2. adjusting the stretching speed to the specified value ieldbus has the following key performance:

has real-time control including PID

can be compatible with interoperable foundation fieldbus devices

in the network, FieldPoint can be used to connect the active scheduler (LAS)

connect traditional transmitters and devices to the fieldbus control network

it is easy to configure the control and i/o

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