Will it save more money to decorate by yourself

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Reader Mr. Du: I've heard that decorating yourself is more economical and convenient, is that right

Lu Yingtao, chief designer of Fengguang infinite Decoration Group: many people think that it is cheaper to buy materials and find guerrillas to decorate. In fact, this is not the case

1. Waste too much decoration materials. Generally, when owners buy decoration materials by themselves, they have to increase the amount by 5%-10% on the basis of consumption. When the decoration is over, it is not worthwhile to return the excess sand, cement, lime and other materials, which can only be thrown away, which also increases the cost of cleaning and transporting decoration waste. And when purchasing building materials, it is generally the retail price, which is much higher than the wholesale price used by decoration companies in batch purchase

2. The decoration effect is not ideal. The final result of house decoration is self occupancy. Without a good design scheme, the effect of decoration is not satisfactory. It is too late to want to modify it after the decoration is completed. It will also take time and effort to find a designer of a decoration company to design privately, and the designer will also bear the risk of being punished for accepting private work

3. The construction quality of guerrillas is uneven. Looking for guerrillas for construction does not understand the decoration level of construction workers, and there will be no protective measures during construction. The on-site environment is dirty and messy, and there are many potential safety hazards. There is no quality assurance after completion, and there is no person in charge when there is a problem

4. It takes a lot of effort to decorate. From the beginning of decoration, each link should be controlled by yourself. Shuttle through various home building materials markets, buy materials by yourself, and compare the quality, price, color and other aspects of various materials. It may waste a lot of time to buy a few materials, and the gains outweigh the losses

therefore, if you want to decorate, try to choose a decoration company to do it, which not only ensures the construction quality, but also has after-sales services, and it can be much cheaper to catch up with the decoration company to do activities. China Business Daily reporter guoquanliang




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