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Under the construction of information technology, the development of the Internet is changing with each passing day, and the state pays more attention to network construction. On March 3, the "network power and real economy" forum was grandly held in Beijing, with more than 200 people from the government, enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions and social organizations participating in the forum. Participants pointed out that in today's world, the strategic, fundamental and leading effects of information networks in economic development have become increasingly prominent. Accelerating the construction of a network power and focusing on the revitalization of the real economy are not only the objective needs of habits to lead the new normal of the economy, but also the inevitable choice to adapt to the new round of industrial innovation. Although it is a traditional manufacturing industry, under the new situation, the pace of "hitting the net" of door and window enterprises is gradually accelerating

the Internet is everywhere. The Forum on "network power and real economy" was held in Beijing

in recent years, under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and with the joint efforts of relevant ministries and commissions, enterprises, and all sectors of society, China's network can be continuously enhanced, technological and industrial innovation is accelerated, and the integration and use are booming, laying a good foundation for the construction of a network power. As for the next step, the participants put forward four suggestions: first, increase the investment in network facilities to consolidate the foundation of a network power; second, pay close attention to the central technological breakthrough and enhance the ability of industrial support; third, deepen the integration and use of innovation and promote the upgrading of the real economy; fourth, improve the network security system and improve the ability of security assurance

there is a connotative dialectical connection between building a network power and rejuvenating the real economy. The Internet has become an important basic facility for economic and social development, providing unprecedented opportunities for rejuvenating the real economy, optimizing the economic structure, and inventing new forms of business. The use of network technology has created good conditions for cultivating new economic growth points, leading the new economic normal, and deepening the structural reform on the supply side; The construction of network content provides a good atmosphere for promoting the socialist central values and rejuvenating the real economy; Network international competition has contributed China's wisdom and strength to promoting global economic growth and recovery and achieving sustainable development; Industrial security and network security are highly related. Whether building a network power or rejuvenating the real economy, we must pay high attention to security issues

the traditional way can't replace the online and offline collaborative development will become the mainstream

the development of the network way is threatening, and the words that e-commerce will replace the traditional way of sale are also rampant. However, at this stage, the traditional way of sale still has a local value that can't be replaced. A business leader said: "consumers can't guarantee the quality of the door and window products they buy, which is the most criticized point of e-commerce. Through the introduction of the traditional sales way by the buyer guide, consumers will have a more practical understanding of the products, and at the same time, the after-sales service will be more guaranteed."

now, although e-commerce channels have the characteristics of convenient trading and fast payment collection, there are also problems such as unreliable product quality and difficult follow-up services. The rise of e-commerce means that the impact of traditional selling means is not as severe as that in fantasy. The connection between this emerging selling means and traditional selling means is not one way or the other, but more complementary. The era of single channel monologue is gone forever. The future main stream of door and window industry will be sold through online and offline collaboration, rather than a single channel. The price convergence of e-commerce and physical stores is becoming more and more significant, and the difference between the two should be the difference of "choosing fast" or "choosing experience". After the two complement each other, enterprises can have more ways to layout shopping malls, and consumers will have better consumer experience. It is killing two birds with one stone

the development of Internet e-commerce undoubtedly brings new opportunities for the door and window profession, which has weak sales at terminals, rising raw materials and operating costs, and intensifying price wars. For door and window merchants, e-commerce is a new way and form. If enterprises want to pursue longer-term development and adapt to the trend of the times, "electric shock" is very necessary. However, judging from the current situation, the traditional approach still accounts for the mainstream, and enterprises that know how to combine the two will undoubtedly gain greater competitive advantage




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