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In recent years, the cases of home decoration rights protection complaints have shown an increasing trend. Many consumers do not have a correct understanding of the decoration contract, and the most important thing for home decoration rights protection is the decoration contract. Owners who decorate their houses for the first time often leave many regrets after decoration. The biggest reason for these regrets is that the owner did not make sufficient knowledge preparation in advance. To avoid this problem, the key is the decoration contract. Decoration contract is a contract signed for house decoration. This contract is an agreement reached by both parties on matters related to the employer's home room decoration project on the basis of equality, voluntariness and consensus, in accordance with the contract law of the people's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, in combination with the actual situation of the home room decoration project construction. Many consumers began to be impatient when facing signing contracts, hoping to sign contracts with decoration companies as soon as possible and enter the construction stage as soon as possible. However, it is suggested that consumers should not be in a hurry to sign a contract. They need to understand all aspects well, negotiate the design and budget before signing a contract, so as to prevent losses. A business license is necessary for a legally operated decoration company. Now many companies have opened branches. For such companies, we should also check whether the other party has a power of attorney. Remind never to talk about home improvement projects with people who only have a copy of their business license, because no one knows whether it is true or not. Don't think that you can rest assured with the contract. In fact, there are also some hidden loopholes and traps in the contract of the decoration company, such as vague process description, manipulation on the single area and the final quotation, providing inferior products when the materials enter the site, or cheating the advanced part of good materials when the materials enter the site one after another &hellip& hellip; These may make the owner become the victim of decoration. Owners encounter unscrupulous decoration companies, how to solve the decoration contract disputes? Break your teeth and swallow it yourself? Or are you brave enough to stand up and try your best to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests? Most people should choose the latter, but do you know how to solve this situation? For decoration disputes, the relevant departments have formulated some regulations. In case of family room decoration disputes, complaints can be made to the local construction administrative department or its designated institution, or civil proceedings can be brought to the local people's court. In addition, industry regulations also provide many ways to resolve disputes. In case of any dispute, the dispute can be resolved as long as both parties negotiate calmly and assume the responsibility. I can't negotiate by myself. I'm looking for legal means to solve it. However, if the subject matter involved is large or other disputes that have a great impact on life and the negotiation fails, the most formal, authoritative and effective way is to file a lawsuit




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