Beautiful and practical floating windows give you

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Beautiful and practical floating windows give you a deep home

in recent years, floating windows have become more and more popular in home decoration. Whether out of the need to create functional space, or want to enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscape, make rational use of the bay window, bring a trace of romantic warmth to the room, and let people better enjoy the fun of quality life

01. If the area of the floating window is large enough and the lighting, ventilation and vision are favorable, the floating window can be designed as a multi-functional leisure area

lay a layer of soft tatami on the bottom of the bay window, and then put a few pillows and a tea table, so that you can easily have a leisure corner

under the blinds, the beauty is present, and the warm sunshine shines in, casting a mottled light and shadow. It's interesting for a person to quietly enjoy his leisure time, daze, read books, or invite several friends over for tea and chat

watching cars in the daytime and stars in the evening, even if the pace of life is in a hurry, it is also possible to slow down and chew carefully

02. The storage bay window is designed as a drawer storage cabinet at the bottom of the bay window. Large pieces of daylighting glass and spacious windowsills enable people to have a broad vision. Small surprises and interests in life are even more readily available when lifting their eyes

03. If you want to create a relaxed and free office learning atmosphere, you can transform the floating window into a bookstand. According to the height of the bay window, put side cabinets on both sides and design it into a bookshelf, which can make the bay window become the visual focus of the whole space

you can also put some green potted plants in this mini study, so that the whole room is filled with fresh vitality

the floating window with such complete functions has brought unexpected effects to the room. It can not only meet the diversified needs of space, but also increase the storage function of space

install Liangge doors and windows, so that you can have a deep home

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