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What will happen when Wang Li's intelligent lock is refined? You see, Wang Li intelligent lock once again is starting to get into trouble again

I am a smart lock with talent and beauty

I have been in contact with human beings for many years

I can now be said to be a very social smart lock

because I became refined under the seduction of the new owner's appearance

today I just want to roast and share the owner's daily state

once, the male owner rushed down the dark corridor

rushed into my arms

after entering the door, He began to describe today's experience

I knew the truth, and tears flowed

as a smart lock

it's really "uncle can bear it, aunt can't bear it"

for the last two steel shoes

shouldn't we fight back a little

with my three defense separation technology, and god horse's fear

no matter how the robbers shout at the door, or force the door to open, smash me, I will not waver

another time, the host and hostess quarreled

the host was really shut out and cried

I really felt embarrassed

holding my neighbor's nose and tears, I can't bear to see him lose face outside

for their happy life

I decided to help my host

so when my hostess came to the door with a soft heart,

after I sensed and recognized her, Take the opportunity to open the door

this is the warm picture of their reconciliation

think about it like this

I'm really a considerate smart lock

sometimes I really don't find my own sense of existence

but my sense of existence is very strong, okay

as a member of Wang Li's intelligent lock army

I bear great responsibility

I have a unique three defense separation technology

information acquisition system on the outside panel

information recognition system on the inside panel of the door

control system on the inside of the door

even if someone forcibly demolishes me

I can't open my lock body

the opening time of the anti technology is far more than 360 times the national standard

I not only put the steel frame hard lock

is also a warm lock

I can automatically identify the owner and help him open the door through the owner's custom distance

after entering the door, I can also automatically lock

only the owner gently brings the door

you can ensure the security of the portal without locking it with your hand

I know I'm excellent

so I hope to have more families

under the protection of our army

get greater security

have a more comfortable quality of life

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