Classical style villa with classic nostalgia

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Due to the use of a large number of wooden structures with beige walls, the villa as a whole is mainly in warm colors, which is easy to associate with the sunshine in Tuscany style, which is also the warm home concept that hard decoration wants to express. In terms of soft decoration, in order to match the overall effect, the reception room selects a white sofa close to the wall, and the tea table selects a book case in a more Chinese style, reducing the cramped feeling of edges and corners in places where the space is not very abundant

the beauty brought by iron and rattan lies not only in the wonderful arc and mesh arrangement, but also in the fact that the truth behind it is the level of ductility and dislocation. Here, the soft decoration designer skillfully placed a group of small furniture under the corridor, which made this space instantly generate vitality. The black iron stool echoes the iron art of the stairs and gives people a dynamic and static sense of hierarchy

the tone of the main living room tends to be stable and nostalgic. Hard decoration mainly introduces the light of the lobby into the room to make up for the lack of light in the living room, while soft furniture mostly highlights the theme in black and brown. Because the space here is relatively abundant, you can place a group of sofas, and the living room itself is connected with the western kitchen

the 160 degree landscape window on the structure connecting the western kitchen and the garden makes the restaurant look particularly bright. Beige floor tiles and white marble countertops are selected for hard decoration to echo the overall tone. In terms of soft decoration, the designer chose several groups of blue and white porcelain table lamps and seasoning bottles for decoration

after going upstairs, this space was not directly made into an empty design, and the hard decoration retained part, so it was transformed into a suspended study, which was unique




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