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Looking at the development of sheet fed lithographic printing machine from igas99 (II)

Heidelberg Speedmaster D174 is a new type of digital direct imaging printing machine launched by Shanghai xieburg company in this exhibition. The machine follows the characteristics of digital printing machine that closely combines digital plate making and printing. At the same time, based on the traditional printing machine, a digital direct imaging plate making device is attached to each unit. The machine can not only adopt the traditional lithography plate making and offset printing methods, but also use this kind of... (direct imaging Press). Different from what needs to be done for daily and weekly maintenance of Kuaiba D14 metal tensile testing machine 6-4, this digital direct imaging printer uses thermal metal aluminum plate and offset printing ink, and still has a system. The principle is that the digital image processed before printing is directly transmitted to the digital direct imaging plate making device installed on each unit of the printing machine through the Clio square dot thermal imaging technology. The device has a built-in laser imaging system, which can make plates simultaneously on up to 6 units at multiple locations. The plate making of the whole machine can be completed in 3.5 minutes, and the resolution of the plate is as high as 2400dpi, and the printing can be started immediately. Digital laser technology can directly image and print at one time without pre press work such as film, plate making and plate printing. Especially, short plate printing requires fast and high quality

the functions and features of the speedpa D174 are between the digital printing press and the traditional offset press. It combines the advantages of these two types of printing machines. By using the traditional lithographic printing methods and equipment, it is only necessary to install a digital direct imaging device with a built-in 40W laser on each unit to form an advanced digital direct imaging printing machine, so as to complete multi-color high-quality prints with higher overprint requirements and faster speed requirements

II. Komori's printing machine with super turnover mechanism introduces the new concept of sheet fed double-sided printing machine

the sheet fed lithographic printing machine produced by Komori in Japan is most commonly opened and turned on by litrone26, 28 and 40 (l-640, l440). At the same time, there are litrone26p and 28P sheet fed printing machines with turnover function. Almost all of them have the functions of automatic cleaning of ink roller, blanket and embossing cylinder, as well as the functions of automatic presetting of ink and paper thickness and automatic plate changer (APC), which greatly shortens the preparation time of the printing machine and continuously improves the production efficiency. The printing speed can reach 15000 sheets/hour. In this exhibition, most of the above models are still used by the manufacturers to show the strength and scale of Komori and make the operation more intuitive and simple; Lengthened extruded space

in addition, Komori also made great efforts to launch the quadruple two-color reversible sprint GS yarn printing machine and the lithrone 40s and RRSP double-sided printing machines with new printing concepts

srint GS series printer can complete the printing of two colors on one side or one color on the front and one color on the back. It is equipped with ink remote control system, automatic plate loading, automatic ink washing roller, blanket cleaning and other functions. It covers a small area and can print 0.6mm thick paper on one side. The console with color angle touch screen is above the paper receiving platform of the printing machine, which makes the printing inspection and adjustment convenient and rapid, and the structure more compact

the lithrone SP series printing machines exhibited in this exhibition introduced the new concept of sheet fed double-sided printing machine

lithrone 40sp, 44sp sheet fed lithographic printing machine is a kind of printing machine that can complete double-sided printing by using a special way of one-time paper feeding. Different from the sheet fed printer with turnover mechanism and B/b counter roll, the double-sided printing function of this printer comes from the special arrangement of rollers. The front and back printing units are respectively placed at the upper and lower parts of the whole machine, and the double diameter impression cylinder is used to alternately complete the front and back printing through the paper transmission between the impression cylinders. Because each printing unit (including front and back printing units) adopts the most basic three roller arrangement rather than the simple B/b rolling mode of rubber roller, the printing accuracy can be well guaranteed; Effectively prevent the overprint error caused by the turnover of the paper, reduce the adjustment links, and make the operation simpler and more convenient; The double diameter embossing cylinder is adopted and also serves as the paper transfer between the units. The paper transfer cylinder is omitted to ensure that the paper handover times are as few as possible. At the same time, the floor area is greatly saved on the premise of ensuring the convenience of operation

lithrone 40sp and 44sp printing machine series can complete printing on the front and back sides respectively (the output corresponding to the l-24 impact is the opening 0sp, l244sp of the mechanical claw holding the falling hammer on the beam) and four-color printing on the front and back sides respectively (l-440sp). In terms of meeting the requirements of positive and negative multi-color printing, compared with the non turnover printing machine, it can reduce the drying time and improve the production efficiency by 2-2.5 times; Compared with the printing machine with turnover mechanism, it has the characteristics of simple operation, high overprint accuracy and small floor space. It can be seen that this model combines the printing quality and flexibility of single sheet paper with the production efficiency of web paper, and with the automatic blanket cleaning device, automatic paper presetting function and automatic version loading function, so that the 40sp (44sp) printer can complete multi-color double-sided printing with high efficiency and quality

III. The multiple control system of Sakurai printing machine ensures the high efficiency and high automation of the printing machine

the Oliver series four sheet fed offset printing machine of Sakurai company in Japan is famous. Oliver-11 four-way printing machine usually prints four-color to six color on one paper. This series of printing machines are designed with 7o'clock cylinder arrangement structure, double diameter impression cylinder and intermediate paper transfer cylinder. It is a series of printing machines with coating and coal drying (UV/IR) system. Based on the above structure, oliver-ed11 series printer has finished printing when the paper is handed over to the receiving cylinder, eliminating the impact ink bar. At the same time, due to the small number of paper handover (double diameter roller), bending to avoid the vibration of the compactor and small noise deformation, it has good overprint accuracy. It can print paper with a thickness of 0.6mm, and complete online less cloth and drying, meeting the requirements of high quality and high productivity. (to be continued)

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