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Viewing the development of Panjin offshore equipment manufacturing industry from Liaohe heavy industry offshore base

viewing the development of Panjin offshore equipment manufacturing industry from Liaohe heavy industry offshore base

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Guide: on July 6, we entered the offshore equipment manufacturing base in Liaodong Bay New Area of Liaohe heavy industry. The Wanping plant is lined up along the river. The drilling platform under construction is solemn and majestic. The workers dressed in tooling are nervous and busy. The river flows quietly. They have visited Liaohe heavy industries for many times and have a better understanding of the base. But pro

on July 6, we entered Liaohe heavy industry Liaodongwan new area marine equipment manufacturing base. The Wanping workshop is lined up along the river. The drilling platforms under construction, such as bicycle frames, fishing rods and rowing platforms, are solemn and majestic. The workers dressed in work clothes are busy, and the river flows quietly...

I have visited Liaohe heavy industries for many times to understand the situation of this base. But when I walked into the base, I still felt a powerful force rushing into my chest. From here, the Daliao River flows into the sea, and Liaohe heavy industry also pushes into the sea. Can Panjin's equipment manufacturing industry also bid farewell to the "river complex" and enter the "sea era"

In 1896, people built a wooden trestle from the breakwater to the sea and installed a drilling rig to drill wells, which was the first offshore oil well in the world

2004, "CNOOC" Corporation spent 10million yuan to build deep-sea engineering equipment. In 2008, the design drawings became a reality

the annual output value of Panjin Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing exceeds 20billion yuan. These equipment are mainly based on land

Liaohe heavy industry took the lead in Panjin

2007, Liaohe heavy industry set its sights on the vast ocean, put forward the goal of "creating a world famous marine equipment", started the construction of the marine equipment manufacturing base in Liaodong Bay New Area, and became the only enterprise with the qualification and performance of offshore platform and offshore engineering ship construction in CNPC

over the past six years, Liaohe heavy industry has built more than 10 professional engineering ships with the first 10000 ton oil tanker of PetroChina - "Kunlun oil 106" as the main force, and manufactured 6 jack up drilling platforms of CP-300, cp-400 and other models with completely independent intellectual property rights of PetroChina. At present, there are many high-end marine engineering equipment under construction, such as "seal 8" air gun source ship, "Liaohe 1" wind power installation platform, DSJ jack up drilling platform, etc

their jack up drilling platform has become a hot commodity in the international market

the ocean contains more than 70% of the world's oil and gas resources. More than 800 petroliferous basins and more than 1600 oil and gas fields have been discovered in the continental shelf area of the world alone, with geological oil reserves of 145billion tons

in the proved reserves of offshore oil and gas, shallow sea with water depth less than 500m is still dominant. With the progress of oil exploration technology, it will gradually enter the deep sea of more than 500 meters. From 2000 to 2005, the proved oil and gas reserves in the world increased by 16.4 billion tons of oil equivalent, including 41% in deep sea, 31% in shallow sea and 28% on land

according to the data of authoritative institutions, more than 50% of the world's oil and gas production and reserves will come from the sea in the future

at present, there are nearly 1000 offshore oil drilling platforms in the world, covering all oceans of the world

the Gulf of Mexico, the offshore area with the most active drilling in the world, has more than 19000 wells under operation. There are more than 120 offshore drilling vessels operating in the Gulf region. There are more than 100 drilling rigs along the coast of Louisiana. Offshore oil drilling in Norway, Brazil and other countries is booming

according to statistics, there are more than 100 countries engaged in offshore exploration

the sea area under China's jurisdiction is about 3million square kilometers. The amount of offshore oil resources is about 24 billion tons, equivalent to more than 2000 times the annual output of Liaohe Oilfield

on January 5, 2011, China National Offshore Oil Corporation announced that in 2010, the annual domestic oil and gas production of "CNOOC" reached 51.8 million tons, which is equivalent to building a "offshore Daqing Oilfield" for the country

in may, the "offshore oil 981" and "offshore oil 201" created by China were born one after another. China finally has a place in the camp of the world's deep-sea oil and gas development, such as the toughening and compatibility system, where methyl methacrylate grafts and sarin resins can be considered

nevertheless, authorities believe that the gap between China and the world is that the concept of development is just getting started. Deep sea equipment, just getting started

China proposed in the "12th Five Year Plan" that the offshore equipment manufacturing industry reached 14. Test bench return: manually return to the initial position of the experiment at the highest speed to 100billion yuan of output value. This figure only accounts for 20% of the world market

the gap is the goal of the brave and a huge market

in this market, BP, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, Devon Energy, BHP Billiton and other oil giants are "running around" and the competition is quite fierce

Panjin, with many advantages such as equipment manufacturing, oil exploitation, port and estuary, is the "right man" to discover marine engineering equipment, especially deep-sea equipment The question now is whether we can abandon the "river thought" of "linear thinking" and turn to the "sea thought" of "divergent thinking", build a "world-class shear modulus" marine equipment base with the spirit of "the world's oceans, let me gallop", and then "conquer the world"

"develop towards the sea" and "strengthen the city with Hong Kong", Panjin has taken an important step from "big river" to "sea". Then, what we need is: "look at the sea and walk together!"

Liaohe heavy industry has set an example for us

to enter the sea, there must be a "sea" approach

"gold miners may become rich or bankrupt, but those who sell jeans and tools to gold miners often become rich."

however, for China's offshore oil equipment manufacturing industry, which produces "tools" for its own "gold rush", the story may not be so simple

since the 1960s, China has built shallow sea fixed drilling platforms around the exploitation of China's offshore oil resources

Gaolan Island, Zhuhai -- the deepwater offshore engineering equipment manufacturing base of CNOOC. In the lobby of the headquarters of the company, various magnificent offshore oil equipment are repeatedly shown on the huge hanging screen, which is awe inspiring

in Haixi Bay, the north end of Lianjiang Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao, China Petroleum Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. Qingdao offshore engineering construction base, with a total investment of 2.285 billion yuan, has an annual steel processing capacity of 98000 tons after the completion of the project, and can achieve an output value of 4billion yuan. Make Haixi Bay an important offshore engineering equipment manufacturing platform in Asia and even the world

Liaodongwan new area. The planned area of Panjin offshore engineering base is 34.8 square kilometers. Panjin City and Liaohe Oilfield have invested nearly 2billion yuan, and 23 enterprises have settled in. Liaohe heavy industry took the lead, "American Yizi" and "Norwegian Goran" were officially signed. The "marine engineering leader" was launched at a high point. In 2011, Panjin shipbuilding and offshore engineering equipment industry cluster achieved a sales revenue of more than 3billion yuan. In 2012, orders exceeded 10billion

if China's offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry only seeks gold, it is tantamount to "painting the ground as a prison". Our goal is not only to search for gold, but also to sell tools to "share" the achievements of marine resources development with the world's marine giants such as Europe and the United States

this road is a must. How can we go there? The sea has a "sea" mode

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