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From the perspective of Yachang mode, traditional enterprise development ideas

what comes into Yachang office building is a strong artistic atmosphere. The decoration of the entire office building is full of infinite cultural heritage. It has no urban noise, but some are calm and comfortable. It can be imagined how pleasant it is to work in such an environment, This is the original business model of Yachang, "traditional printing + it + culture and art" -- integrating traditional printing technology and modern IT technology, combining Chinese traditional printing technology with contemporary corporate culture to form a unique core competitiveness, so as to obtain the healthy and rapid development of enterprises, which has brought enlightenment to traditional enterprises at home and abroad to explore the development of new economic and cultural industries

innovation is the core of the operation and management of Yashang enterprises. In the 11 years' development of Yashang enterprises under the leadership of chairman Wan Jie, innovative management is the main melody of enterprise development and the magic weapon for the development of Yashang today. At every stage of enterprise operation, people in Yachang adhere to the belief that "innovative operation" is the foundation of enterprise development. Without innovation, they will lose their vitality

Yachang's innovation concept

service concept innovation: Yachang has given a new meaning to "printing is a service industry" in the new era. The service of traditional printing industry is only a simple order processing service for customers. However, Yachang provides customers with stronger, more effective and deeper services. Service is a concept of "planning", which can also be summarized into 8 words "early intervention and backward extension"

ideological innovation: among the innovation contents advocated by Yachang, "ideological innovation" is crucial to the development of enterprises. In the traditional ideology, people often refer to the business of printing enterprises as receiving orders. When a business is completed, the service will be terminated. The service philosophy of Yachang company is: "we should think of and do what customers think of; we should also think of and do what customers can't think of when using the universal tensile strength tester for steel wire rope. It is not to make customers grateful, but to make customers moved." So as to truly establish the ideology of serving customers. When we establish that we provide services to customers, we should fully analyze and plan the background of this business and its causes and consequences, so as to achieve the service of "early intervention and backward extension". For example, from 2001 to 2002, for two consecutive years, Yachang company successfully printed two classic works for China's bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 World Expo. At the same time, it has been highly praised by relevant government departments, which is the best embodiment of the "ideological innovation" advocated by Yachang people

innovation in service mode: integrating traditional printing with modern it, and combining new economy with culture and art is the latest interpretation of traditional printing by Yachang. The creation of Yachang art is the perfect combination of traditional printing and modern IT industry, which comprehensively improves the service connotation and quality of the printing industry, realizes the benign interaction of information service, publishing planning, plate making and printing, and creates a new industrial chain. The establishment of "Yachang art" is not a pure internet station. Its significance lies in breaking through the confinement of traditional industrial thinking, starting a new attempt to provide value-added services for customers by using modern information technology, deeply processing plate making graphic data resources, and developing an effective industrial structure

Yachang company has always adhered to the concept of "serving the Chinese art market", providing comprehensive innovative services for various products for artists' associations, art business institutions, art publishing houses, museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, galleries, artists, art collectors and other customers. The picture and text resource database built by the company has millions of Chinese art pictures and nearly 400000 pieces of market information. It is the largest art picture and text database in China, with a daily click rate of 1.1 million people. It is a leading art portal in China

on the basis of this core database, provide art publishing institutions with one-step services such as theme planning, production, printing and distribution; To provide excellent artists with services such as packaging promotion, works agency sales, works and pictures copyright agency; Provide comprehensive and real-time art market information for art collection investors; Build mature internet marketing channels for art business institutions; To provide professional research services in the Chinese art market for cultural and Museum institutions, Yachang art company has created a unique business model in these fields

after 4 years of practice, Yachang art has found a path suitable for its own growth and is moving towards a broader goal. In the future, Yachang Art Co., Ltd. will be a Chinese art market information platform with sufficient influence in the world, an authoritative artist promotion agency in China, a large-scale original art sales center in China, and a quite mature art boutique and Art Book Mall in China

innovation in technical means: Yachang has a national image data processing center, which has established image processing technical standards with independent intellectual property rights in the professional fields of painting and calligraphy, cultural relics, architecture, photography, automobile, clothing, etc., forming its core competitiveness. Yachang company took the lead in completing the transformation from traditional printing to digital workflow in the industry, and realized the whole process digital printing. It has actively introduced foreign advanced technology for Chinese printing enterprises and played a good exemplary role in improving the international competitiveness of Chinese printing enterprises. They have always followed the high-quality line, and their printing quality has been ahead of the domestic industry level. The success of the research on the high-precision line printing project has made Yachang company fully equipped with the high-speed line printing ability, and the printing product quality of Yachang company has reached the world-class level

Yachang's management concept

Yachang puts forward "three highs" in management - high product quality, high economic benefits and high living standards of employees

high product quality is not only a product concept, but also includes comprehensive quality levels such as service, cycle, and even finance. High economic efficiency is the proper meaning of being an enterprise. As for the high living standard of employees, it is one of the important factors to maintain the sustainable development of the enterprise. If the quality of life of employees does not improve and people are worried all day, it is difficult for the enterprise to have stable development. Through competitive salary, good training and development opportunities and other incentive mechanisms, to ensure the continuous improvement of employees' living standards

Yachang's talent view

the first important strategic idea of human resource management of Yachang company is the "three highs" of talents. They believe that talents are the largest capital of enterprises. Only by persisting in the implementation of the "three high" policy of "high cultural quality, high professional and technical level and high artistic accomplishment" can enterprises truly have development and vitality. In order to meet the talent demand brought about by the growth of the enterprise, Yachang company absorbs many excellent college graduates from domestic famous universities every year, which ensures the high cultural quality level of the talent team, that is, it is called "academic school" by its peers

the level of professional technology is high. The specific requirements are in two aspects. On the one hand, the professional level of the printing technology field in which the enterprise is engaged is high. Yachang believes that only the superb and exquisite professional technology level can provide customers with high-quality professional services, meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations. On the other hand, Yachang not only achieves the leading technical level through the strategic alliance at the technical level, but also requires the staff to have a high degree of cognition and understanding of the professional technical field where the service object is located. "Being an expert in the customer market" is Yachang's quality requirement for the customer service staff

more than 70% of the products printed by Yachang company belong to art. The printing of traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, porcelain, jade, cultural relics, antiques or various photographic works and other works of art has strict printing technical parameters. In order to give employees a greater understanding of calligraphy, painting and other works of art, Yachang company has set up a special art museum to display a large number of the original works of well-known domestic contemporary artists. Most of the original works of fine art are carefully framed and directly hung in the company's offices Production area. The second important strategic idea of human resource management of Yachang company is "please come in and go out"

please come in: please come in with excellent talents, excellent management concepts and advanced technologies. At present, Yachang has hired more than 40 expert consultants from all walks of life in China to provide special guidance and training for Yachang in different fields of market services. In addition, Yachang company not only welcomes domestic excellent talents to join enterprises, but also actively introduces international talents to join Yachang. By recruiting excellent experts and international technical talents, introducing advanced management experience and our company has gathered excellent and cutting-edge talents and production technologies in the experimental machine industry. More importantly, we have continuously cultivated internal talents with international high standards and ideas

going out: go out of the narrow professional field, break through the closed thinking used in daily work, constantly go out to learn and absorb, and constantly enrich and improve. By providing training and re learning opportunities, Yachang has created a good development platform and career space for talents. Every year, not only systematic training courses are arranged for employees, but also to ensure that the people of Yachang are continuously improved through training and learning in the enterprise, and the concept is "fashionable" without falling behind, which is closely consistent with the introduction of heggs. To this end, the company sends dozens of employees to Japan, Germany, the United States and other technologically advanced countries for training every year. Over the past decade, more than 100 people have been sent abroad for training and study. Yachang company always regards talents as the foundation of entrepreneurship, competition and development. At present, Yachang enterprise has formed a good enterprise atmosphere of respect for people and dedication, fair competition, and respect for knowledge and talents. Yachang's open career development space, excellent talents promote the standardized management and growth environment of the renewable resources industry, and the people-oriented corporate culture concept, making the enterprise a highland for talent accumulation. With a truly "young, professional and knowledgeable" talent team, Yachang company has grown into one of the most culturally literate enterprises in the domestic printing industry

it can be frankly said that with its original "Yachang mode", Yachang company has provided a dynamic and forward-looking growth model for the marketization, modernization and internationalization of China's economy, the integration of traditional industries with the new economy, and the formation of core competitiveness for Chinese enterprises. Yachang has made sincere efforts to let small enterprises have big ideas, let traditional enterprises graft the vitality of the new economy, let traditional industries have international competitiveness, let made in China become Chinese technology, and let Chinese culture integrate into the world civilization

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