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Looking at the development trend of foreign internal combustion engine industry from the internal combustion engine Exhibition The development of innovation industry in product design and mold design mainly has the following trends: - - apply modern design technology and modern design means to shorten product development cycle, improve product intelligence level and improve comprehensive performance-- No

based on the analysis of foreign exhibits at the 2000 Beijing international internal combustion engine exhibition, the development of the foreign internal combustion engine industry mainly has the following trends:

-- apply modern design technology and modern design means to shorten the product development cycle, improve the intelligent level of products and improve the comprehensive performance

-- continuously reduce harmful emissions and noise to meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements

Europe now implements Euro II emission regulations. The emission regulations of the United States and California are the most stringent emission regulations in the world. Japan's emission regulations are roughly equivalent to those of Europe. At the end of this century, the emission law will be further strengthened, and more advanced internal and external purification measures need to be taken. The noise regulations will also be further strengthened, and measures need to be taken from the aspects of structural design, material selection and processing technology to meet the regulatory requirements

-- develop fully electronic controlled internal combustion engine products. The achievements of microelectronics technology are used to control the fuel, intake, exhaust and cooling systems of internal combustion engine, and to respond to the environment, working conditions and faults, so as to implement full-automatic management. This is a necessary technical measure for the vehicle internal combustion engine to reach the emission regulation

-- further develop high efficiency, high pressure ratio turbocharging system and intercooling technology. The pressure increase and intercooling technology has been widely used in multi cylinder machines and has an important impact on the world plastic machine market; 2. As the export volume of China's plastic machinery is increasing, it has become one of the necessary technical measures to meet the modern emission law and noise regulations

-- development of high-speed small direct injection combustion system diesel engine. Direct injection combustion system is more widely used in foreign

small high-speed car diesel engines. At present, such new compounds in Europe can be disinfected by gamma ray or ethylene oxide. Small direct injection diesel engines are preferred for 3L (100km fuel consumption) vehicles under development in the United States

-- adopt advanced technology to further reduce the energy consumption of internal combustion engine products. At present, the effective efficiency of large diesel engines is nearly 50%. It is a long-term work to adopt more advanced technologies to improve combustion efficiency and

mechanical efficiency and reduce energy consumption of internal combustion engines

-- develop new fuel injection system, improve injection pressure of fuel injection system and controllable fuel injection regulation. This is an effective measure to improve the combustion process, reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions and reduce

noise. At present, the development and application of adjustable pre travel pump, electric control pump

software system real-time display of experimental force and displacement

nozzle and common rail fuel injection system

-- develop exhaust after treatment technology. When the emission regulations are further strengthened to the level of Euro II regulations, it is necessary to adopt external purification measures, including exhaust gas recirculation, oxidation

catalytic technology, NOx removal catalyst, particle trap, etc

-- popularize and apply the in cylinder injection technology of gasoline engine. Gasoline in cylinder injection is an effective measure to greatly improve the economy of gasoline engines and reduce harmful gas emissions. At present, there are products in Japan

-- promote the application of clean energy internal combustion engines (LPG, CNG and other alternative fuel engines)

the use of clean fuels is also an effective measure to reduce harmful emissions from internal combustion engines, which can reduce major pollution emissions by 30% - 90%. At present, there are about 6million

gas fuel (LPG, CNG, etc.) vehicles abroad

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