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From the perspective of food profit growth, the development of food packaging industry

according to the statistical data, some branches of the food industry continued to maintain a high growth rate in the first quarter, and the profit growth was higher than the sales revenue growth. The sales revenue of dairy products, Baijiu, beer and wine increased by 30.4%22.01%24.47% and 28.01% year-on-year respectively, and the total profits of the branch industries increased by 1.80.3215.882.79 percentage points year-on-year respectively. The cost pressure restricting the profit level of some branches of the food industry has been reduced, the upgrading of the industrial product structure has taken effect, and the cost control ability of enterprises has been enhanced. Among them, the improvement of packaging is indispensable

traditional packaging forms, such as Tetra Pak, Tetra Pak pillow fresh house and Baili bag, continue to increase steadily this year. HDPE bottle (barrel) packaging is gradually recognized by consumers. Shrink film or self-adhesive label is used on the outside of the bottle, which increases the amount of self-adhesive and shrink film in dairy packaging. In addition, opspet, a new environmentally friendly packaging material, has also begun to enter the market. Glass bottle packaging still exists, but will gradually be replaced by paper cup packaging

with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, aclin has been applied in the packaging of fresh-keeping milk and yogurt. At present, the development of this kind of packaging is not clear, and the consumption increase this year will not be too large. Baili bag is no longer a three-layer coextrusion film. The enterprise has made efforts to improve the product shelf life and prevent odor. Five layer coextrusion aluminum plating film and other processes have been used in the production of Baili bag. At present, there are more than ten kinds of yoghurt packaging forms, including fresh house and fresh cup. Plastic cup is still the mainstream packaging of yoghurt packaging this year. The use of carton and plastic film should be calmly analyzed. The cluster packaging formed by the slowing growth rate will continue to be popular. The common milk powder packaging in the market this year is still mainly tin cans and PE composite bags. Although the membrane structure of composite bags has changed a lot, the most basic packaging form has not changed much. This year, various brands of lactic acid bacteria beverages were fully launched in the market, and new packaging forms came into being, including Tetra Pak pillow secondary sterilization bottle, stick stick acid Tetra Pak crown plastic cup, Baili bag, etc. In the market this year, we will see the new processing form (flexible pre printing) of cartons used in the dairy industry, with lower costs

this year, the main metal packaging products are still aluminum two-piece cans. Now it is possible to directly test the hardness of iron three piece drink cans, food cans, etc. compared with flexible packaging, the metal packaging technology is relatively mature. China's metal packaging has reached the level of similar products in advanced countries. For metal packaging manufacturers, once the cost of metal packaging is reduced and the problem of difficult opening is solved, it will bring a leap in the metal packaging industry

according to the statistical (2) resolution data of the National Bureau of statistics on the glass container industry, the output of the glass packaging industry is basically in a low-speed growth state this year, mainly due to insufficient effective demand and the supply structure does not adapt to the changes in market demand. Changes in energy prices directly affect the overall economic benefits of the industry. Although glass bottles can be recycled and reused, which is conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection, the demand problem cannot be solved, which will restrict their own development

convenient flexible packaging products are favored by consumers this year, but how to reduce packaging costs and realize localized procurement of packaging products will be a difficult problem for flexible packaging products

this year, from high-pressure sterilization resistant packaging to nanotechnology, new technologies in the food packaging industry emerge in endlessly. Sterile plastic packaging will replace the hot filled pet pants tear force bottle, which is lighter in weight and cheaper in price. Low acid beverages will be aseptic filled with PET bottles. However, pet is still widely favored by consumers and food and beverage manufacturers. HDPE multi-layer barrier containers are usually used in the market. Compared with PET bottles, they are more transparent. The future trend of low acid products is aseptic filling of plastic bottles. Aseptic hot filling has its own advantages, and the role of packaging is very critical. Food is usually packaged first, and then enters the processing link with the packaging. The selection of packaging materials is very important to processing technology. It must be ensured that the high pressure does not damage the structure of the packaging bag or that substances of any packaging material penetrate into the product. It is very common for red meat products to adopt pre packaging, and it is very unlikely that fresh fish will adopt modified atmosphere packaging, but fresh fish packaging using modified atmosphere packaging will gradually rise on the premise of technology. Customized for customers, only in this way can we meet various special requirements of customers. This form of packing is very popular now. Nanotechnology will also be increasingly used in food packaging this year

source: China Food Quality News

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