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Looking at the business opportunities of glass wine bottle from the perspective of light bottle liquor

all along, light bottle Baijiu is a synonym for low-grade liquor in the eyes of consumers and a chicken rib in the eyes of operators. No matter whether it comes from a prominent or humble background, it can not escape people's prejudice: low-grade, unprofitable things. However, the author believes that light bottle wine contains unlimited business opportunities, which can completely break through the low-grade inertia and have a promising future. The business opportunity of bottled wine is just around the corner

there are pioneers in the market who have set an example for us. Everyone is familiar with the old village head wine. Don't take the village head as a cadre to remind consumers across the country of this bottle of wine from the northeast black land. Its sales network covers more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, with a strong growth momentum. Sanjing Distillery Company in Hebei Province promotes light bottle wine Xiaodao wine outside its main sales area. Soon, the sales of Xiaodao liquor accounted for about 40% of the total sales of Mitsui company, and created a historical record of single brand sales of Mitsui. There is also a famous Erguotou, which has always occupied 40% of the market share of Beijing's Erguotou, and even formed an unwritten trade rule that Erguotou must be made into Erguotou

these achievements provide proof for the market opportunity of the bottled liquor. From the technical level, let's make a further analysis

according to statistics, there are nearly 40000 liquor manufacturers in Chinese Baijiu, and the degree of market competition is extraordinary. So, as a category of Baijiu, is the competition for bottled liquor equally fierce? no According to the author's observation, at present, the number of domestic manufacturers specializing in the production and sales of bottled wine is less than 10. The manufacturers that produce and sell the bottled liquor, even the national famous liquor, are only incidental, and there is no professional operation of the bottled liquor market

compared with boxed wine, especially medium and high-end boxed wine, we found that bottled wine has great advantages

from the perspective of competition in the terminal market, high-end Baijiu generally needs to pay high fees for entering the store, promotion, OTC listing, publicity, store celebration, supplier coordination, etc. For the terminal operation of light bottle wine, these costs are almost no or minimal

from the perspective of business risks: almost all high-end products are sold on credit. Some good hotels have settled their accounts on a quarterly basis. Some hotels have not returned after closing their doors. Some give their dealers some moon cakes, consumption cards and Christmas tickets to offset their accounts on New Year's holidays. In this sense, the risk of bottled wine is less. Because the price of bottled wine is relatively low, it has become the industry practice that bottled wine is not sold on credit. In actual operation, the problem of credit sales can be solved by the promotional activities with some small gifts

from the perspective of personnel management and use: first, the number of personnel is less than the number of personnel operating high-end Baijiu, because high-end hotels need a long time of communication or negotiation, and it is difficult to solve problems at one time. However, the product of bottle free wine is simple, there are not many things to be negotiated, and the time spent is less. In general, a single bottle wine salesman can visit a store in one day, while a high-end wine salesman can visit a store in one day. 2、 There is no need to be as strict as high-end liquor personnel in terms of professional skills, because the consumption channels of bottled liquor are generally those flavor snacks or medium-sized restaurants with small scale. The expectations of these bosses are not as high as those of high-end hotels, and they need policies to solve problems for manufacturers and dealers

low-grade liquor is not liquor but consciousness.

bottled liquor is not low-grade liquor. It can be said that there is no low-grade light bottle wine, only low-grade consciousness. Let's take a look at how some excellent manufacturers have made the medium and low-grade light bottle wine not low-grade

after the reform, Henan Zhanggong liquor industry has found another way to produce internal wine bottles. Raise the bottle free wine to an unprecedented level. The market price is about yuan per box. Its popularity can be said to be a household name in the local area. Dealers use it to make profits and consumers use it to earn face. People who have been to Shangqiu, no matter whether they are senior or junior officials, have basically tasted Zhang Gong's internal wine. The inner wine in this bottle is also used as the special wine for external reception and gift wine of Shangqiu municipal government. It is no exaggeration to say that drinking the wine inside the zhanggongguang bottle in Shangqiu is a symbol of identity and status

it is not just bow that makes the bottle of wine not low-grade. Founded in 1939, Henan Wolong wine industry was famous for operating high-grade wine in empty bottles as early as more than ten years ago. At that time, the price of its products had already sold to more than 8 yuan per bottle, which was comparable to the boxed products of some famous second-class liquor manufacturers in China in the same period. Now its products have been sold for 15 yuan/bottle, and there are more and more varieties, and it has always been the mainstream in the local market. Yangshao Daqu produced by Yangshao Liquor Co., Ltd. has been selling well in Henan for more than ten years, and has won the love of consumers as Yangshao red bellied monkey. Among the broad masses of low - and middle-income people, it is the Maotai and Wuliangye in their minds. The old village head of Heilongjiang mentioned above, in some rural areas of Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Jiangsu and Tianjin, ordinary people buy boxes as gifts on holidays. In some wholesale markets and shopping malls, the old village head's wine is displayed like hills, which is grand and aggressive

the above bottled wines have been boldly upgraded in sales channels and channels. Instead of wandering in low-end hotels, they have entered the medium and high-end market like boxed products. Practice has proved that they are successful

why did many people always think that bottled wine was low-grade wine and could not be served? I think the main reason may be the packaging. In the past, most of the light bottle wines were poorly packaged, and some even were recycled bottles. The lid leaked, the bottle body was not transparent, there were impurities, and the wine quality was inferior, giving people an intuitive feeling that it was low-grade. However, the present light bottle wine has crystal bottle, high whiteness bottle, frosted bottle, porcelain bottle, etc; On the wine cover, three-layer anti-counterfeiting, one-time anti-counterfeiting, prying off anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting, etc. make people feel safe; Bronzing and printing on the trademark; Color boxes, kraft cartons and gold card outer boxes are used on the wine boxes. The equipment of these high-end boxed products has been applied to the packaging of light bottles of wine, basically eliminating the association of consumers with low-grade wine

bottled wine has its own unique selling points

why can't the previous bottled wine sell at a high price? Because the price determines the quality, the appearance image and the special channels, the light bottle wine has been fixed in the hearts of consumers: it is a low-grade thing. But now, most manufacturers go to the other extreme, high-end packaging, low-grade quality, without their own selling points, blindly low prices. How many consumers may have been cheated once or twice

let's see how Zhanggong and the old village head operate

take off the packaging and drink good wine! This is a resounding slogan put forward by Zhanggong liquor. How well said! When everyone was cutting their heads and adding boxes to reduce prices, Zhanggong liquor said instead: take off the packaging and drink good wine! This is the selling point, the outstanding selling point. What is he selling? Sell good wine! It tells consumers frankly that what is removed is the packaging and what is improved is the wine quality. On the other hand, it reminds consumers that you are drinking wine instead of packaging. Zhang Gong strengthened the appeal of removing the packaging to drink good wine, deepened the impression of consumers, and successfully broke through the misunderstanding that the fixture design is relatively simple, and only low-grade bottles of wine are sold

good water, good grain, good wine is really good. This straightforward and easy to understand language tells the connotation of the old village head's wine. It does not emphasize how good my wine is, what awards I have won, and what technology I use to make it, but tells you a simple truth: good wine must have good water and good food. The northeast is the granary in people's mind. It has unique water resources. Only when water and food are good, can wine be really good, giving people unlimited space for reverie

in addition, who drinks the old village head's wine? Don't take the village head as a cadre. The word "village head" and "cadre" can be used, especially if the creep resistance is relatively low. Cadres are a symbol of the status of cooperation with vehicle manufacturers. The wine they drink must be good! The old village head is deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers through these perceptual and intuitive concept operations and easy to understand scripts

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